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Welcome to Yarntown, a Zeldalike tribute to Bloodborne. Explore the streets of a cursed, gothic town, hunting beasts and uncovering twisted bosses.

Created by Max Mraz in the Solarus engine. Playable on Mac and Linux via the Solarus launcher, linked below.

I'm not selling this game, since it's a fan game! But I am selling/giving away some of the graphics I made for this game, right over here!



(Secondary download link for all platforms)


(Source code)


(Solarus Engine)



  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space: Action / Dodgeroll
  • C: Swing weapon
  • C (hold): charge weapon attack
  • X: Shoot pistol
  • V: Use blood vial to heal
  • D: pause and save (you will restart at the last lantern visited)

It should work fine with a gamepad/controller, but pause might be right bumper because of weird default mapping. Or it might not be! It seems like some controllers will work, and some won't. I haven't had any issues with the cheap USB controller I have.

Install instructions

Unpack/extract/decompress either the 32 or 64 bit version, then click yarntown.exe to run the game.

Mac / Linux:
Download the Solarus launcher from https://www.solarus-games.org/en/solarus/download, then use it to open the data.solarus file.

Requirements :

Minimum of OpenGL 3.0 or OpenGLES 2.0 


yarntown-v1.0.6-32bit.zip 25 MB
yarntown-v1.0.6-64bit.zip 25 MB
yarntown-v1.0.6.solarus 19 MB

Development log


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Android port when?

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a question, this is the only yharnam zone or all the bloodborne game? and it is only yharnam, in the future you plained expand the game?


Hello Max, I'm Bruno Carvalho, I've tried to connect with you via twitter but was unable to DM you. Do you believe you could follow me so we can exchange a few words? I work for QUByte, a Brazilian Indie Developer.

Hi Bruno!- I got your message, sorry to not respond, but I'm not looking for help with porting at this moment, and get a lot of these kind of messages 😅

Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi Max. Sure, I totally understand :) Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and keep making these amazing games :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! : )

Downloaded the game but it looks all distorted and is hard to see.

Hi! I think this can happen if your machine doesn't support hardware accelerated graphics, or Open GL

It's a Accer Nitro 5 gaming laptop.

I'm not familiar with those or what they support : /
You might have better luck if you download the Solarus launcher to launch the game, and play with the settings in there.

I love this. It was both fun but still had a nice challenge but I do think that the bosses where a bit easy. MAKE MORE!

Thanks! I have a couple other games out (Ocean's Heart on Steam and Hallow's Eve here) which have more to explore!  : )

NICE! I'll have to check them out.

While I'd like to enjoy this, I'm having a very hard time getting past the controls. Any chance for rebindablility, or are things rebindable and I'm just stupid and missing the option?

I don't plan on going back into this to add that feature. You could edit the save file to rebind them though. I think the save is at {user}/.Solarus/yarntown_saves I think?

My other itch game, Hallow's Eve, has rebindable controls, but it's a lot of work to port that system into Yarntown for an old free side project : /

Ah, alrighty - thank you!

Hey i played your game and i love your concept of it being a Zeldalike tribute for Blodborne. I was wondering if you are actually going to make this into a full game in the near future including all of the areas and dlcs. 

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To answer your question, for one thing, I can guarantee it wouldn't be the near future, because recreating an entire AAA game, even at a smaller scale, is still a massive amount of work that would take years. Secondly though, I don't personally see the point of just recreating an entire game- the fun part is translating it into a new format. The whole game is just too much, and the magic wears off. And also- Fromsoft made this game, it's one thing to do a small tribute, but I don't want to make a giant thing as a fan game. That's like years of working most weekends and evenings, for a free fangame.

I might make Yarntown into a full game as its own IP though, taking the core things that I think are important to Bloodborne, and bringing in some new ideas, and exploring a new world : )

I want to try the game out using controller. Do you know anyway I can remap the controls to whatever I want?

Just downloaded the game and can't wait to start playing. Does the game have a mute button or settings because I can't seem to find it?

Yarntown was a small side project I did in like a month, so it doesn't have settings, options, or controller remapping. I'd put that in if I made Yarntown its own IP as a full game.

This game is great! But I've encountered a bug where all lights started flickering. I suppose that should only be in the house but it gets annoying so you have to quit and restart. Other than that it's a tad easy. I beat both bosses first try. Gascoigne even without any upgrades. I know you won't continue work on this game but this is a nice proof of concept. 


I got that bug once or twice too, but never figured out what caused it. Basically, the lighting system tries to shift from one color of light to another, but can never land on the new color, cycling through a bunch of RGB values to try and hit it. 

Next game / if Yarntown becomes its own IP, will have a different lighting system, that one hogged too much CPU anyway

Thanks for the follow up info


Cara, eu te agradeço muito por me proporcionar essa experiência. Bloodborne é simplesmente o jogo que mais amo no mundo e jogar sua versão em 16 bits me trás a mesma sensação, consigo sentir o carinho e atenção que você tem pelo jogo. Te agradeço muito mesmo.

Hi I love the aesthetic of the Yarntown. I have tried to upload this onto my Raspberry Pi 4 with Retro Pie. It did not decompress correctly. Is there something I'm missing to get this to work on the Pi?


this game was very fun. i've never played bloodborne, so there's probably more to this game that i could have appreciated. but im told it's a rather faithful recreation of bloodborne's beginning, so kudos. it also introduced me to solarus,  big ups!

Dude, this game is amazing.
Please, make the rest of the original game.

I'm going to enjoy

fascinating game! wouldn't have found it without this guy:


Wondrous superior being, therefore remember donation/

Very nice work on this! I've only been playing for a little while but I love it so far!

Please have an android port!



Read my full review on Yarntown here!

This looks amazing!

I love when people make "demastered" versions of games. Looks like you've done a fantastic job, keep up the good work! 👍

Will you continue to develop this game? Really looking foward! Wonderful job making this game!!!

Thanks! And no, I'm not planning on going any further with this as a fangame.


You REALLY should! It is a great simple version of the game. A demo just isn't enough. This is good! 


It's really fun!! I'm planning on uploading my full playthrough in a few days but for now I have put together a short video! Great job!!

Is this game complete? Or is a demo?


It's as complete as I'm planning to make it.

i have never played bloodborne but could you please add a feature like dark souls' fog doors so players know when they are going to fight a boss. Other than that your game seems really good so far

That's actually a difference between Bloodborne and Dark Souls, BB doesn't have fog doors going in, so you can be surprised when coming up against a boss. Other than the fact the level design is so excellent that you can usually tell based on pacing and visual hierarchy that you're headed into a boss area, hahaha

Bloodborne in 2D :D

This game is phenomenal, you got all the tiny details right, I navigated from my mental map of Bloodborne just fine, the combat was pretty satisfying (including that good good regain mechanic), and leveling had the same boost to things that Bloodborne has. It felt really polished, and I was sad when I hit the end. I'd seriously pay good money for a full game like this, or at least more of it!

Hi guy; you can "buy" the tile pack for give money to the creator. You can pay whatever you want:




Dude this game is so sick I can't even explain it!! Here's a video of me playing it if you wanna check it out. Words cannot explain how sick Yarntown is!

I've never played Bloodborne before, but this game is pretty fun! I'll probably write a full review when I've played it more and also when it's not almost 2 AM in my time zone, but for now, just know I'm liking it.

ok... i am a bloodborne addict who also loves pixel horror. so this game brings a tear to my eye lol truly this is amazing! 


interested in someone to help with the portuguese translation?
if so, feel free to ask

This is fucking dope! It's an awesome combination of two of my favorite games, and done very well! Only suggestion I have is maybe have different control options for PC user to switch to? Such as WASD and Left Click and Right Click attacks, other than that I loved it!

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Hell yeah; iron pineapple  has done a little "review" in her "I played Souls-Like games you've never heard of" video series. :D 


I definetly wanna see this on my android device!

Bloodborne Zelda?  Sounds fun.  Definitely playing.


I played your game and gave some feedback if you're interested.

What is a good way to stay up to date with any updates on this amazing game? If you're still working on it that is


Following me on Twitter is best


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