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Welcome to Yarntown, a Zeldalike tribute to Bloodborne. Explore the streets of a cursed, gothic town, hunting beasts and uncovering twisted bosses.

Created by Max Mraz in the Solarus engine. Playable on Mac and Linux via the Solarus launcher, linked below.

I'm not selling this game, since it's a fan game! But I am selling/giving away some of the graphics I made for this game, right over here!



(Secondary download link for all platforms)


(Source code)


(Solarus Engine)



  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Space: Action / Dodgeroll
  • C: Swing weapon
  • C (hold): charge weapon attack
  • X: Shoot pistol
  • V: Use blood vial to heal
  • D: pause and save (you will restart at the last lantern visited)

It should work fine with a gamepad/controller, but pause might be left bumper because of weird default mapping. Or it might not be! It seems like some controllers will work, and some won't, I haven't had any issues with the cheap USB controller I have.

If you've already set the language to english and you'd like to change it to spanish, you'll have to manually adjust your settings until I make a way in the game to change the language settings.

Settings are saved in $HOME/.solarus/yarntown_saves/settings.dat

For most computers, this means you'll go to your Home directory, the folder where all the folders labeled "My Pictures" and "My Videos" are. There will be a hidden folder called .solarus - if you aren't sure how to see hidden folders, check this out: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028316/windows-view-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-10

Open settings.dat in an app like notepad or something, and there will be a line that says:

language = "en"

Change "en" to "es", and the game will run in Spanish now. I'll put out an update soon that will allow you to change this from within the game! Sorry it's a bit tedious for now!

Updated 7 days ago
Published 20 days ago
AuthorMax Mraz
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Difficult, Exploration, Horror, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down

Install instructions

Unpack/extract/decompress either the 32 or 64 bit version, then click yarntown.exe to run the game.

Mac / Linux:
Download the Solarus launcher from https://www.solarus-games.org/en/solarus/download, then use it to open the data.solarus file.

Requirements :

Minimum of OpenGL 3.0 or OpenGLES 2.0 


yarntown.solarus 19 MB
yarntown1.0.5-x86.zip 25 MB
yarntown-1.0.5-x64.zip 25 MB

Development log


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This game is phenomenal, you got all the tiny details right, I navigated from my mental map of Bloodborne just fine, the combat was pretty satisfying (including that good good regain mechanic), and leveling had the same boost to things that Bloodborne has. It felt really polished, and I was sad when I hit the end. I'd seriously pay good money for a full game like this, or at least more of it!

Dude this game is so sick I can't even explain it!! Here's a video of me playing it if you wanna check it out. Words cannot explain how sick Yarntown is!

I've never played Bloodborne before, but this game is pretty fun! I'll probably write a full review when I've played it more and also when it's not almost 2 AM in my time zone, but for now, just know I'm liking it.

ok... i am a bloodborne addict who also loves pixel horror. so this game brings a tear to my eye lol truly this is amazing! 


interested in someone to help with the portuguese translation?
if so, feel free to ask

This is fucking dope! It's an awesome combination of two of my favorite games, and done very well! Only suggestion I have is maybe have different control options for PC user to switch to? Such as WASD and Left Click and Right Click attacks, other than that I loved it!

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Hell yeah; iron pineapple  has done a little "review" in her "I played Souls-Like games you've never heard of" video series. :D 


I definetly wanna see this on my android device!

Bloodborne Zelda?  Sounds fun.  Definitely playing.


I played your game and gave some feedback if you're interested.

What is a good way to stay up to date with any updates on this amazing game? If you're still working on it that is


Following me on Twitter is best



Love this game a lot! The way the game feels like BB while also surprising w. some of the shortcuts changing up is very fun! Also things like the flaming bolder missing and the water zombies being more dangerous (imo) made for really fun encounters!

Theres a couple of broken aspects; gascoigne getting stuck (see below), enemies hitting on fences, rolling up ladders but not stairs. Just small things i noticed.

Gascoingen getting stuck is actually something I love because it can happen in bloodborne just as well so i think  its a neat touch if intentional :) cleric beast is a lil sad but i like how you have to fight him right at his feet and cant rely on moltovs!

Highlight moments were finding the shortcut after the big central bonfire area and realizing the area where you would find eileen had a cool falling animation//sound. Also thanks for giving the first troll an actual reward :)

Began attempting a speed run if anyone wants to take a crack at beating my time :) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/692507931

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So I did a gameplay about this game because I'm a huge basher (fan tbh) of bloodborne. The hate and the thrill of the game flows through me again but in a pixelated way!

When I say "Alam nyo ba yung Bloodborne" in the beginning, it simply means "Do you know Bloodborne", I'm a Filipino youtuber so I did my very best to speak in english the entire game HAHAHA! (I also added subtitle in the game)

So hope you like it! Would look forward to more of your games and more update! Stay Strong and I'll support you every step of the way!!

It would also be cool to add a dash diagonally and weapons/firearms too! BTW I really love Yarntown!

Amazing little game, Great work! Control scheme does feel a little strange tho, not a deal reaker by any means, but maybe hooking the mouse buttons to attack/interact and shoot + WASD and Space would be nice, at least on Windows. Either way you did great, keep going!

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Honestly great game! Reminds me of Bloodborne for some reason idk why though. Fear the old blood hooters.

P.S.    Here is a png you can convert and make the icon for the game :)


a question ... in the game arcarnas tools exist? or if there is a possibility to add the Arcane attribute to the game in the future. thanks

Its possible. I'm not planning on doing it but I guess the source code is linked in the description.

Hey, super love this!! first saw it posted on a Bloodborne facebook group, maybe i'm being dumb but i've picked up shards to upgrade my weapon but i can't seem to get back to the hunters dream to upgrade my weapon?

Anywho, fantastic work my man! i absolutley love this!


nevermind i found it! just all the way back to the start, just beaten Gascoigne and man what a thrill this little game was! would definitley be interested in a part 2!!!

Amazing game!!! Here's part 1 of my Yarntown playthrough if you wanna check it out!

Only glitch I had was that giant bowling ball looking dude punched me into a corner and I had to restart the game xD

You can see it at 11:20 in the video above.

Other than that everything was 100% awesome and I'd love to see a full game of Yarntown!!

Thanks for making this Max, it was an absolute pleasure playing this!!


Found this after it was mentioned on the Giant Bombcast. Looks great!

Same =)

Hi, the game is fantastic!, I would  like to know where is located the savegame file, thanks.

$HOME/.Solarus/yarntown_saves I believe

You should get in touch with retrocommunities and try to create a version for machines like Genesis, SNES or Amiga, possibly changing a bit things


sorry for the question, more serious as possible to create a mobile version?
I love Bloodborne, unfortunately I don't have a PC or a PS4. so my doubt. :(

Absolutely great game

I love this, Yharnam is so cute in 16 bits


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First, I wanna say I really enjoyed playing Yarntown. That is because I'm a big fan and I really enjoy playing Souls and Souls-like games but because Bloodborne is a console exclusive game i was unable to play it. That's where your game comes in. I was really happy to be able to experience to some extent what Bloodborne feels like and for that I'm really grateful to you. All in all this is a great game.

Also i wanted to ask if you have any plans on expanding the game. For example expanding combat system(more weapons, different combat style based on equipped weapon, weapon buffs, new consumables), adding new areas, enemies and bosses(aslo i think it would be interesting to see you add new boss/es that you yourself created) and also mabye something like inventory system.

Basically all those changes would make the game into my main project, Ocean's Heart, haha. I'm not planning on expanding, definitely not without an animator.

wow ,i love this little game <

Very fun to play! I really enjoyed it, but sometimes the second boss seems to get stuck and doesn't attack just staying still. it happend to me twice. 

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why when i want to download the game the page says me error ???


the page tells me something like there is no upload for download and I don't understand help please

Sounds like an itch.io issue, maybe check with them? There's definitely an uploaded file.

Is it the complete game or only the first city?


This is Central Yharnam up through Gascoigne. It was a fun side project I did over a few weekends, so it's not a whole recreation of a AAA game ; )

Thanks, The game very cooool!

I love this so much

what I liked the most is Gascogine fight!

Few points for improvements and nitpicks if you'd keep working on this:

1) Some enemies can be cheesed by attacking them from a ledge (sure they can still hit you but they cant chase you if you take a step back, go to heal, or just think for a moment etc.)

2) Rolling diagonally. you can walk diagonally but not roll, and I think adding these more 4 directions will make the game more intuitive (I think thats the word?)

3) Warping to the dream/from the dream to other lanterns could be cool, but tbh I can also see the game working without it if you against it. I does might become a bigger issue when youd add more areas

4) phase werewolf for gascoigne would be awsome but as I said his boss is great currently so I'd probably push other things first

5) Cleric beast deserves more moves. a bit more varaiety would have made him much more fun imo

6) youre probably going to add weapons eventually but I guess at least telling whether the current sword scales with str or skill would be nice

Wow, this is looking really cool. Will check it out asap.

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Does anybody knows how to solve thsis bug?

I tried running 32bit,64bit and using Solarus launcher too, and the bug persists



Current theory is it has something to do with graphics/video drivers. Are those up to date, or you doing anything weird with... Drivers?

My drivers are all updated, idk why this bug is happening. 


Saw this on the Bloodborne reddit. It is a great 2-D recreation of Yharnam and the game in general. A few minor bugs: able to hit enemies through walls even when they are "different levels", and Father Gascoigne getting stuck on the terrain. If you played Bloodborne, then you will definitely feel some nostalgia with this game and the abundance of minute detail put in.  Great job Max! Please make more

It was super fun to play. All the details from the original game, the recreate of the actual town of Yharnam, the enemies, the music surprised me a lot, it's very well done. I loved every second. 
The one issues that happened to me are the Father Gascoigne stuck in the scenario, not a problem at all, i just want you to know that this can happen sometimes.
Thank you Max for this lovely cursed but cute game, it's a amazing joob.

While I'd like to enjoy this, i'm having a very hard time getting past the controls. Any chance for rebindablility?

I haven't played much of it but it's a really good recreation. Love the sound of the water splashing, it took me back to my old game boy days. Wonderful job

Oh yes; here Gascoigne got bug.

Hello Max,

I would love to review this game on my website!
I have many request but this gem looks wonderful!
Would you mind if I reviewed it and gain more publicity for your game?

Feel free!

Glad to hear that. I will let you know when I will plan the review.
I will need to check carfuly since I have over 100 requests excluding demo and special request.
It will most likely be in August.


i have downloaded the game and planned a date!
My news page has been fully updated to show almost all reviews in August including yours!
i could not find a good header for your game so I used one of the pictures. I hope you are okay with that if not, please give me another image to use and i will edit it immediatly.


Your review is coming up in 2 weeks and I would love to talk with you in private. Do you have a facebook account?

Kinds Regards

Hey Max! Loved playing through the game, honestly blew my expectations out of the water. I know a few people have already asked as well, but I would LOVE to support you in some way for this game, whether it be through Patreon or any other means.

Here's to hopefully many more playthroughs as the game continues to be developed! 😁


About the support. Currently you can buy the "tiles" pack and pay what du you want:


I dont know if Max has a Patreon, paypal or something like that. 


Thanks! Yeah, I have a PayPal and patreon but I don't know if I ever put anything on the patreon. Maybe I should 😬

Some screenshots in the month and the update dev log link will be ok, bro. :p 

Whatever means necessary, I'd love to support your work even further if that's something you feel like doing for people 😁 even just little small screenshots here and there and maybe WIP kind of stuff would be cool to see.

I'm probably going to play it some more because I honestly hadn't even realized that Gascoigne was already in and with Eileen in now as well, I feel like playing again hahah.

Thanks for the response!

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