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Max! Just wanted to say you've done a fantastic job done here. Well done!

I spent the last hour playing all the way through. The level of detail you've squeezed into this little 2D wonder is exceptional. The choice of SFX, enemy sprites, and overall mood are just spot on. A wonderful tribute to the original.

Hope you keep going with it and add more levels at some point :)

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the game is so good! I have just played with the boss.

And, I think I found a bug, please see this image. The hunter dipped into the fence and stuck. I caused this by charge attack to up direction on the position slightly upper than in the image, and was attacked by enemy that faces to down, the same time.

but also this is bloodborne glitch-like? ;)

Thanks for reporting, I'll get that spot patched up lol

the game is quite good it has good controls and the difficulty is good but oh yes now it has the but it could improve the intelligence of the enemies and add more animations to the bosses and more weapons could give you the hold of the hunter's ax that has the area attack but if the game has good potential keep it up

The game's a nice recreation of early game Bloodborne as a 2d game. Though, I was suprised at the lack of trick weapons. I ran into a issue where if the dog's killed you in a cornor, it wouldn't show a death screen. Otherwise, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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Says cant run on my pc 👨. LOL

Found a bug. It seems that if there's bushes near the corner of a fence, you can walk through the fence.

Also just wanna say I'm really enjoying your game!


Thanks! It'll be fixed in the next update.

good game!

im using a win 7 32 bit and the game said it's not compatible

Do you know the exact text of the error, when it popped up, and what program threw the error? Wondering if it was a windows security thing since it doesn't recognize Solarus.

There are two versions now, I think one or the other ought to work for you


ok ive downladed the win 32 version but now the game just crash and i found this in the folder error notepad: 

[Solarus] [0] Warning: failed to load framebuffer extension


I'll see if I can find anything about this.


Okay, seems like your computer doesn't support hardware acceleration. As a workaround, if you run the game with the Solarus launcher there will be an option for disabling video acceleration. Nothing else should be affected by disabling that.

It cannot run on win7 32-bit

There are two versions now, one or the other ought to work. Idk why Windows can't just figure it out, this is why I use linux lol

OK, thanks


Found bug

When the player is bitten by a dog in this corner, the character will be stuck and cannot die

Thanks, I'm looking into this bug!

Fixed this bug


Question: How can I download this game on a mac?

For now, you can download the launcher from and us it to open the data folder downloaded from the GitHub link in the description.

What a great idea! Thank you so much. Both Bloodborne and Zelda have a special place in my heart so this is a real treat.

thank you so much.

Thank you so much for making this game, Max! I love how some of the sound effects are like LOZ. This game is better than many games I have paid for. It has a similar spooky feeling as Bloodborne. I jumped a couple times when enemies popped out unexpectedly. I would would pay for this and future games like others have said.


This would make an amazing mobile game. Just saying...

I second this.

does  this run in wine?

I haven't tried, but you ought to be able to run it on Mac or Linux with the solarus launcher. I updated the post with some instructions.

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Hola, me gustaría hacer un gameplay (video) con el juego, no habría ni un problema si lo hago, le daría crédito a la pagina y dejaría link de la misma... 

COMO ME LO HE PASAO EN 15 MINUTOS EH? JUEGAZO CON TODAS SUS LETRAS, ojalá se pueda jugar todo Bloodborne así. 10/10


is there a 64-bit ver for windows?


I'm under the impression this version should work on any windows? If it doesn't, let me know and I'll figure something out.


It does run under Win10 64bit without a problem.

oh okay cuz when i downloaded it, it gave me a warning so i was a bit worried haha 


i had a similar issue where it said it was dangerous so i wasnt sure what to do, u said on the thread it was fine and no danger so i redownloaded it and it turned out good. Thank you for ur response i cant wait to enjoy ur game 

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As someone who played bloodborne like 50 times I enjoyed knowing the secondary ways and "secret" places in a game I am playing for the first time xD I completed it 100% in less than 15 minutes :D


I'm having trouble downloading it... I'm using Chrome, and it says it's dangerous to proceed, so it rejects it and stops downloading it.


Oh no! I promise it's not dangerous! Is there a way to circumvent that, I don't know that anyone else is having these chrome issues, you may be able to tell it to proceed anyway? Maybe "advanced options?"

Thanks, it worked just as FirstDarkAngel2001 said.


On Chrome when downloading, hover over the arrow next to the file, and choose keep on it. Just had to do that myself.

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Mac users:

If you download the Mac version of Solarus (Solarus Launcher) from here, and the source code for Yarntown from here, you just open the /yarntown-master/data/ file on your Mac to get it running. Make sure to right click on Solarus Launcher and select Open then confirm you want to run the Launcher the first time.


This worked!


esta genial, muy buen trabajo


I don't know if it's just my computer (Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz), but I can barely play the game at all. Sound is perfect, I can move the character, swing the weapon, fire gun, and interact with the messengers I manage to find, but the screen looks like this and it rapidly flashes between a gray screen and this asset-filled screen.

Woah, that is wiiiiild! I might have to talk to some of the game engine devs about this.

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I got a screen recording of it. (The title screen occasionally glitches out, like sometimes it's also covered in these seed(?) assets, or as seen here the words overlap)

Woooaaahhh. Did you just watch the ring?

Do you know what OS / graphics card you have?

graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

Honestly it might just be my laptop because it is kinda old.

Its possible it might be the graphics drivers then, if you can update the drivers that might do the trick

I got the same problem, did you solve it?

unfortunately no

en la carpeta de juego hay una carpeta: "translations" ¿es la tradición del juego?

¿como la instalo?

Awesome game! Really enjoying re-exploring 'Yarntown' in this pixel art top-down style.

Can you fix your Solarus link? I'd like to try it out but I have a Mac. Thank you!

Thanks for pointing that out, got it fixed!

How long is it?

"file not found" :c

Oh no! What / where / when did this happen?

In download "",  

when the file reaches 100% it throws me the message "the file was not found"

I download solarus and I could playing, thanks is amazing

Hola! In case you haven't noticed, your link to Solarus Games is pointing to github too

Thanks, that's wild that happened. Got it fixed : 


Seria la ostia si fuera para celular

A fun but quick little game. Would love for it to be expanded to include more bosses and maybe a boss rush mode.


yes, finally a bloodborne port for PC ;) That was awesome, Im a huge souls fan, but never played bloodborne due to not having a console, it was great to visit yharnam that way. Gameplay felt really smooth, if you're planning on doing your own soulslike in that convention I'd definitely buy it (I imagine that making a full bloodborne conversion might cause some legal issues)

Hopefully ps4 prices will go down after the release of the ps5. And you can find a copy of bloodborne pretty cheap. Its a must play.

Thanks for the project! Is there any way to return to Hunter's Dream and use the Blood Stones? Couldn't at the lamps or upon death.

you have to circle back to the beginning and just to through the door at the start, took me a while to figure out as well

I loved it! I didn't expect that much of content and obviously you've put so much care into it, it was so fun!

Looks good! Spooky and tense.


This is incredible! Fantastic work. 

Are there any plans for a Mac version in future? (He asks selfishly)


Yeah, I'll be linking something later today or tomorrow : )

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Found bug 

Father Gascoigne just stuck like on screnshoot and don't move at all.

Weirrd. Thanks!

Had similar Ai issue with this boss as well. You can get him to chase you around the trees in the center, and eventually the boss just gets stuck on the tree and stands there. 


this would be a perfect mobile game!!! 


Yes!! Please put this on android


I'm actually looking into this, I know a guy lol


I haven't even played the game yet and I love everything about it already. Please, if you have the time, make a full version of it. I'd throw my money at it anytime

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