I made Yarntown a little better!

I made a few bugfixes and improvements based on watching a few folks give Yarntown a play, which has been super fun, I'm glad people are enjoying this little tribute I made.

  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a loop being damaged forever without dying.
  • Made a HUD popup when you collect items you've already collected before based on some feedback. This will also let you know the total, including items you have in storage, for Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets.
  • New functionality for switches to be flipped with the interact button, in addition to the sword.
  • Add controller/gamepad support for the title menu, it was previously just in the game.
  • Added two downloads for Windows- one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit. I'm not sure why Windows needs this. Get it together, Bill.


yarntown1.0.1-win32.zip 25 MB
Jul 20, 2020
yarntown1.0.1-win64.zip 25 MB
Jul 20, 2020
data.solarus 19 MB
Jul 20, 2020

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I would like to contribute. First, with the spanish (latam) translation. How can i do it and join the development team?