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Very fun to play! I really enjoyed it, but sometimes the second boss seems to get stuck and doesn't attack just staying still. it happend to me twice. 

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why when i want to download the game the page says me error ???


the page tells me something like there is no upload for download and I don't understand help please

Sounds like an issue, maybe check with them? There's definitely an uploaded file.

Is it the complete game or only the first city?


This is Central Yharnam up through Gascoigne. It was a fun side project I did over a few weekends, so it's not a whole recreation of a AAA game ; )

Thanks, The game very cooool!

I love this so much

what I liked the most is Gascogine fight!

Few points for improvements and nitpicks if you'd keep working on this:

1) Some enemies can be cheesed by attacking them from a ledge (sure they can still hit you but they cant chase you if you take a step back, go to heal, or just think for a moment etc.)

2) Rolling diagonally. you can walk diagonally but not roll, and I think adding these more 4 directions will make the game more intuitive (I think thats the word?)

3) Warping to the dream/from the dream to other lanterns could be cool, but tbh I can also see the game working without it if you against it. I does might become a bigger issue when youd add more areas

4) phase werewolf for gascoigne would be awsome but as I said his boss is great currently so I'd probably push other things first

5) Cleric beast deserves more moves. a bit more varaiety would have made him much more fun imo

6) youre probably going to add weapons eventually but I guess at least telling whether the current sword scales with str or skill would be nice

Wow, this is looking really cool. Will check it out asap.

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Does anybody knows how to solve thsis bug?

I tried running 32bit,64bit and using Solarus launcher too, and the bug persists



Current theory is it has something to do with graphics/video drivers. Are those up to date, or you doing anything weird with... Drivers?

My drivers are all updated, idk why this bug is happening. 


Saw this on the Bloodborne reddit. It is a great 2-D recreation of Yharnam and the game in general. A few minor bugs: able to hit enemies through walls even when they are "different levels", and Father Gascoigne getting stuck on the terrain. If you played Bloodborne, then you will definitely feel some nostalgia with this game and the abundance of minute detail put in.  Great job Max! Please make more

It was super fun to play. All the details from the original game, the recreate of the actual town of Yharnam, the enemies, the music surprised me a lot, it's very well done. I loved every second. 
The one issues that happened to me are the Father Gascoigne stuck in the scenario, not a problem at all, i just want you to know that this can happen sometimes.
Thank you Max for this lovely cursed but cute game, it's a amazing joob.

While I'd like to enjoy this, i'm having a very hard time getting past the controls. Any chance for rebindablility?

I haven't played much of it but it's a really good recreation. Love the sound of the water splashing, it took me back to my old game boy days. Wonderful job

Oh yes; here Gascoigne got bug.

Hello Max,

I would love to review this game on my website!
I have many request but this gem looks wonderful!
Would you mind if I reviewed it and gain more publicity for your game?

Feel free!

Glad to hear that. I will let you know when I will plan the review.
I will need to check carfuly since I have over 100 requests excluding demo and special request.
It will most likely be in August.


i have downloaded the game and planned a date!
My news page has been fully updated to show almost all reviews in August including yours!
i could not find a good header for your game so I used one of the pictures. I hope you are okay with that if not, please give me another image to use and i will edit it immediatly.


Your review is coming up in 2 weeks and I would love to talk with you in private. Do you have a facebook account?

Kinds Regards

Hey Max! Loved playing through the game, honestly blew my expectations out of the water. I know a few people have already asked as well, but I would LOVE to support you in some way for this game, whether it be through Patreon or any other means.

Here's to hopefully many more playthroughs as the game continues to be developed! ๐Ÿ˜


About the support. Currently you can buy the "tiles" pack and pay what du you want:

I dont know if Max has a Patreon, paypal or something like that. 


Thanks! Yeah, I have a PayPal and patreon but I don't know if I ever put anything on the patreon. Maybe I should ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Some screenshots in the month and the update dev log link will be ok, bro. :p 

Whatever means necessary, I'd love to support your work even further if that's something you feel like doing for people ๐Ÿ˜ even just little small screenshots here and there and maybe WIP kind of stuff would be cool to see.

I'm probably going to play it some more because I honestly hadn't even realized that Gascoigne was already in and with Eileen in now as well, I feel like playing again hahah.

Thanks for the response!

Thanks, Max. I'm Bloodborne fan so I was happy to play this cute mini Bloodborne again. The map was quite well made to recreate the actual town of Yharnam. The Father Gascoin fight was easy but it was great, haha. The fight was very "genuine" as far as I remember. Anyways, thanks a lot. 

Awesome Max!!

awesome job max! I hope to see it finished one day...

Saw this mentioned by Spawn Wave on youtube, looks great!

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the demo is great, and the 32 bit window  work perfectly
still waiting for the android version
good job bro


Ey Max; I really enjoid playing this DEMO. It was so nostalgic travel to Yharnam.

There are a few problems; 1 crash (Well, the Game get bug and "freezed"), collisions problems, some exploids and things like that.

I played while did stream. :P

P.D.: Have you a paypal or patreon for do donations? 


i enjoyed the game, just finished whats been made.  Cant wait till its done.


Congratulations on this amazing piece of software my friend! It was really well made, not only the gameplay mechanics and how well you represented each enemy behavior, but also the amazing pixel art and the representation of Yharnam. Thank you for this!

Truly amazing, this need to be turned into a whole game, I had controller issue but overall this was very good

How did you use a controller?

I used my xbox one controller, turned it on and then started the game and it worked

You have no idea how much I need bloodborne on pc, in any form, even in a top down rpg perspective. Great job, and I love your work man

Hi , I found some "problems" , so I have a questions :

Can you add a arrows on controller support , because it's a little bit difficult , when you try to use a menu , as it's like jumping.

Also some enemies can hit you even if you behind the fence . It's seems like cheating .

And what about bullets ? It's seems like they can heat someone in round zone , and that would be a random. I even hit some dogs , that were in cages.

Thank you very much for this game and best wishes. 

The dpad on my controller was working,so I assumed they all would, oops. Someone merged some code into Yarntown that ought to have added Dpad support with last night's update.

How do i use a controller?

What a wonderful surprise! Loved the game; unfortunately I didn't realize the game kept going till Gasgoigne when I was recording but I finished the game off camera. Would love to see this expanded into a full project or heck, a side story in the same universe! 



Honest, this needs to be a full game. It's amazing. Well done! Looking forward to more. 

I haven't played yet this game cause my controller (gamesir g3s) isn't supported. If you can add a general controller support it would be awesome!

While waiting for the support, I'll try to play it with keyboard (I'm not very good playing with it).



My spouse directed me to this, and I was happy that they did. I understand that this is a huge, work-in-progress style project (at least, if you're planning to re-create the whole game), so I'm not going to give 'you should add this or that' feedback, 'cause, well, you're not done yet.

The biggest things that I saw;

The bullet system was very meh, to me. I don't know if I didn't spend long enough practicing, the windows were very tight, or what, but I wasn't able to successfully parry a single enemy in the game. Not only that, but the flow of combat meant that it was relatively unappealing to pursue. In Bloodborne, you care about parrying because it stuns an enemy, provides an opportunity to do a lot of damage, and depending on runes provides a return on resources. By the end of my playthrough, my weapon was at +2, and all of the normal enemies died in <4 hits. The biggest example of this are the brick-punchy guys; ordinarily you care about their big windups because they're a dangerous slog to just spam down, but if I can drop them in relatively few hits, why risk trying to parry? I'd recommend either some animation additions (putting another animation frame or two in to provide keystone 'this is when you should be shooting' moments, sort of like the rear-up you have on the swamp crawler guys), or a visual / audio cue specifically for parrying.

Tying in to this; translating this kind of combat to 2D is difficult, and in its current form, I guess my feedback is 'why do anything fancy when you can just dodgeroll and spam?'. The dodgeroll is incredibly forgiving with its positioning, mainly because there isn't an enemy you can't just stand in front of, smack, and then roll behind. Maybe adding roll-catches to some enemies swings could help combat this being the 'ultimate solution'? This might just be a function of having a relatively limited number of enemy types. 

If we're going to be able to perform stat upgrades at any lantern, I feel like you should add the functionality for upgrading weapons, as well; that or return to the 'lantern warps' system. I don't know how feasible that is in this game engine, though. 

Getting enemies stuck on stuff was the fastest, easiest way to trivialize tougher encounters; I'd also suggest adding some kind of AI point (if possible, again I'm not familiar with this game engine) to say 'if I'm trying to move forward and not moving, move to one side to get around this obstacle'. Even if it makes the enemies predictable, it'll avoid the 'I walked in and cheesed father angry axe by standing on the other side of the gravestones directly across from him when you walk in' problem. 

Lastly - Great work! I've always loved Bloodborne, and it's exciting to see extra content in any format. I think this idea has a lot of potential, and can offer a new, unique approach to a game that I've loved for years. You're doing really well, and I can't wait to see where this goes.

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Hey, Max! (I don't know Englisch very well) 

I have still play in your game, and it's awesome!

But i have found one problem

When i kill Gascoune, he has stuck in down left baricade and i have kill him

i post the Photo

P.S. I have played in Original Bloodborne, and please continue the Game

just killed gascoigne before the coolest part of music, had to download it from github
god I love that game
it has same cool things as original like teleporting dogs and stacking between boxes and air
also, it does some things even better than bb, like rolling on ladders, so satisfying

just wonderful. please make more like this. it was so beautiful designed and i had lot of fun while playing. keep up this great work.

Thanks! I am making a whole lot more quite like this, I've a game called Ocean's Heart wrapping up development and should be out relatively soon. Yarntown was just a fun side project lol

Hello. PLEASE continue this game. What you created is incredible and preserves the essence of two incredible games. I'm Brazilian and I would like to know if I can bring videos about your game to my channel.

Yeah, feel free!

Great job! 

Bug report: Father Gascoigne didn't fight back โ€“ he just stood there, seemingly frozen, just by the gate I entered from.

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This is a great game and really captures the essence of Bloodborne! I spent about an hour playing it, but I ran into a small bug. After killing Father Gascoigne, I was standing directly over the lantern spawn, and so my character got stuck until I communed with the dream.

Haha, how unlucky. I'll make a note, thanks for reporting.

This is awesome! Totally captures the essence of Bloodborne, and does it in a fun way. Hope there's more to come!

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Can someone help me ??

I have this problem

Yarntown has stopped working

did it even launched once? You have to unzip it before playing
also, what OS is this? Looks like 7 on drugs

Yes, it's Win7, I left it with that look for better performance

Yeah, you do need to unzip the whole directory to run the exe. If you still have problems, try downloading the launcher from and running the data.solarus

Thank you very much, it worked here

Leave the hooting of hoonters to me !

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